Farewell (but not forever)!

Please accept this short post as Christina’s official note of resignation from Literoses…

…but not from book blogging! My reviews will now be housed over on my personal blog, Fairy Skeletons. Here’s to many more years of bookish and bloggery fun!

(NOTE: I’ll be deleting the Literoses contact email and my personal Literoses email shortly.)


Hello, Blogosphere! (We’re seeking reviewers!)

Hey there, and welcome to Literoses, a new mainly-YA book blog. Our name stems from the word literose, defined as “affectedly literary”. We think there’s no true definition of literary out there – we’re all just part of a garden of literoses trying to make our way in the world.

We’re seeking a few reviewers to fill up our ranks. There are no age or experience restrictions. All you need are some serious reviewing skills, a passion for books (especially YA), and time to post around twice a month.

Applications will be open until all slots are filled. There are three slots available, so get going! Use the form below.

Thanks in advance for your interest and/or support!