Blog Award | The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a fun way to spread love around the blogosphere and perhaps even find out some interesting information about your favorite blogger! Today we’ve been nominated by the wonderful AnQi, who is the personality behind an awesome blog, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. I, Christina, have talked with her around the web a few times, and true to form, she’s really so nice and she comes in several shades of cool. So thank you so much, AnQi, for giving me another excuse to tell the Literoses readers more about myself!

First up are my answers to eleven questions posed by AnQi as a part of the nomination.

What are you currently reading?

Right now I’m reading In the Shadows, written by Kiersten White and illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo. It’s very promising so far – deliciously creepy, with prose that I can sink right into. The character dynamic is also lovely. And the art (done by Laini Taylor’s husband oh my goodness) is full of emotion and dark colors. I’m hoping this quality will hold up to the end so I can do a positive review of it for Literoses!

Favorite ice cream flavor?

For some reason – and people find me weird because of this – I adore vanilla ice cream. Maybe it’s because I tend to stick to what comforts me, but vanilla is so soothing and sweet. On other days, though, I’ll be liable to rotate between vanilla, strawberry, and mint as well. (That said, I tried lavender ice cream once and it was GLORIOUS. So.)

Favorite Disney/Pixar movie?

I will never stop loving Mulan. Really. The perfect blend of humor and beauty and important issues (woohoo feminism!), as well as the Chinese setting, makes it absolutely the best. I adore what Disney did with the ancient legend of Mulan – and, of course, the indomitable Mushu.

Favorite poem?

I mainly read poetry on Tumblr, and right now I’m madly enamored of this one by Meggie Royer (also known as writingsforwinter) called “Adagio for the Fear of Love”. Meggie’s metaphors are just so effortless, and her words have a rhythm that hits me hard. I recommend following her if you’re on Tumblr, just for her nearly-daily dose of beauty. (Plus, she has two poetry books out at the age of nineteen, meaning she’s using them to get herself through college. I’m intending to get at least one of them ASAP and you should too!)

What is the most beautiful book cover you have ever seen? (Post a pic!)

Well, right now the one I’m thinking of is the cover for The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton – which, by the way, is also a fabulous book. This design brings the prettiest, most whimsical feel to the book while also tying in a symbol from the novel’s plot, which makes it a successful (not to mention lovely) cover in my opinion.

If you were turned into a zombie, whose brain would you eat first, and why?

Okay, well, I would probably eat Maggie Stiefvater’s brain. Or Laini Taylor’s. I really would like to know how they both manage to be so intelligent and funny while writing these beautiful, terrifying, and yet mostly beautiful books. Hopefully ingesting their brains would make some of that rub off on me. Or, you know, probably not.

What’s your go to shower song?

To be quite honest, right now it’s “One Day More” from the musical Les Misérables. I’m a huge fan of the musical (though I’ve sadly only seen the movie version) and every single song in it is precious to me, but the sweeping, universal aspect of “One Day More” is the closest to my heart. I’m totally going to pretend that I don’t try to belt out the parts of every single character in the song.


Early bird or night owl?

I’m actually kind of both, but if I have to lean to one, it’d definitely be the early bird side. No matter how late I go to sleep, I always seem to be up at seven-thirty to eight o’clock the next morning. I love morning breezes and the smugness I feel when I’m awake earlier than everyone else in the house.

What will your last words be?

I’d like to pretend that they’ll be something quite grand, but they’ll probably end up being something like Liz Hall’s from Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere: “Um.”

Cutest fictional couple?

Oh, dear. I have too many ships for this. I’ll just list a small selection (kudos if you recognize some of these): Celia x Marco, Elisa x Hector, Alina x Mal, Kaede x Taisin, Wesley x Mackenzie, Liraz x Ziri, Will x Jem, Alec x Magnus, Hazel x Augustus, Cress x Thorne, Cinder x Kai, Gansey x Blue, Ronan x Adam, Puck x Sean, etc. Although some of these couples are more frightening and passionate than cute. So for “cuteness” directly, I’d have to say Cress and Thorne take the cake.

Interesting idiosyncrasies/quirks?

Hmm. I’m left-handed, I talk to myself, I love broccoli and brussels sprouts, I like Prokofiev but only like a few specific Mozart pieces, I memorized my mother’s library card barcode three or four years ago, I just took Advanced Algebra II for eighth grade, and I take mostly terrible photographs.

The next part of the Liebster Award is sharing eleven random facts about myself. Here you are:

  1. I can spout the Gettysburg Address, word for word.
  2. I absolutely loathe the font “Arial”.
  3. I only started calling myself an “aspiring YA author” a year or so ago, but I’ve apparently been writing about teenagers since third grade.
  4. I can’t cook anything beyond ramen and sandwiches.
  5. I can count to ten in English, Korean, French, Spanish, and Japanese.
  6. I am obsessed with fairy tales. I’d like to do a Mythology/Folklore and Communications/Journalism double major in college.
  7. Team sports are not my thing. Nuh-uh. Never.
  8. I once wrote an almost-twenty-page research paper about genetically modified plants.
  9. I occasionally get told that I seem like I’m forty years old. (Compliment? Insult? Your guess is as good as mine.)
  10. I’m so afraid of heights that I didn’t get on a swing until I was in fourth grade.
  11. I am fascinated by basically everything in history except for America.

Here are my nominations for the Liebster Award!

Now I get to interrogate these lovely people with the questions below:

  1. What’s your ideal breakfast?
  2. What would you like to see more in books (i.e., settings, characters, premises, etc.)?
  3. The main character in the last book you read now hates your guts. How scared are you?
  4. Do you prefer traveling or staying at home?
  5. What’s a fear you have that others find silly?
  6. What is at the top of your bucket list?
  7. Rain or sunshine?
  8. What book’s cover would you like to see redesigned?
  9. E-books or print books?
  10. Quick! You’ve been dropped into a fairy tale or myth. Which one do you hope it is?
  11. What makes you feel powerful?

Thanks again to AnQi for giving us this award and to all our readers for supporting us thus far!