Literoses is now defunct.

As we accumulate more and more feature posts – non-review posts and the like – it does get rather difficult to navigate. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves (since we’re, y’know, helpful souls) to put together a feature archive for you!

Not because we have trouble finding things ourselves or anything. Not at all.

Blog Memes

Blog memes are fun little posts done on a (hopefully) regular basis.

  • Top Ten Tuesday – A meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, featuring a new bookish top ten list every Tuesday.
  • Waiting on Wednesday – A meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, featuring a pre-publication title that one of our Literoses is terribly excited about, delivered fresh every Wednesday.

Original Features

  • LiteRECs – A feature where your trustworthy reviewers pair books with other simple and not-so-simple pleasures of life (foods, movies, etc.).

Discussion Posts

Discussion posts are the Literoses bloggers’ takes on particular aspects of books as a whole, not to be confused with reviews or blog memes.

Blog Awards

Sometimes wonderful people grant us with blog awards (no, really, it happens). Whoa. We post about these blog awards – because of course we must boast – and keep a collection of them on this page so that we can remember our bragging rights forever.

Blog Events

Occasionally, initiatives on the Internet start up – things like blog parties, special events, or appreciation campaigns. And, being the active bloggers we are (ahem), we like to put our own share of posting into these.

  • May 2014: Christina participated in Days One, Two, and Three of Armchair BEA as part of our assimilation into the blogosphere.

Blog Tours + Other Publicity

We’ve done a number of blog tours and publicity posts at Literoses in order to spread the word about books and other tidbits, and these are merely the links to all those archived.


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